Cores and Centers

Metabolism Core

The Metabolism Core of the Aging Institute is managed by the Metabolism Unit in the Center for Metabolism and Mitochondrial Medicine (C3M).  The mission of Metabolism Unit is to make available platform technologies, training, and study design and data analysis expertise for in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro metabolic studies in rodent and cell culture models. The expertise of the unit extends from assessment of metabolic flux, energy expenditure, body composition, insulin sensitivity, exercise capacity, and insulin signaling in the whole animal, to the performance of metabolic, biochemical, and molecular studies in primary and immortal cell culture models of relevance to metabolic diseases.

CONTACT: Michael Jurczak, PhD  |  |  412-648-7006  |  More Information

Preclinical Phenotyping Core (PPC)

The purpose of the Preclinical Phenotyping Core (PPC) is to facilitate characterization of behavioral phenotypes of mouse and rat models studied by investigators throughout the University of Pittsburgh and its affiliated centers, institutes, and hospitals.

CONTACT: Stacey J. Sukoff Rizzo, PhD  |  |  412-969-4394  |  More Information

Small Molecule Therapeutics Center

The Center for Small Molecule Therapeutics was established in 2015 to increase the scientific understanding and collaborative efforts on developing small molecules that target various pulmonary diseases including ARDS, Asthma, IPF, COPD, Transplant rejection, etc. The mission of the SMTC is to provide our expertise in protein modeling, target validation, small molecule screening, “hits” identification and optimization, in vitro ADME and referrals for additional medicinal or synthetic chemists to the appropriate facilities within PACCM and the Department of Medicine. The center provides an excellent platform for faculty collaboration which hopefully can lead to novel treatments for patients with pulmonary diseases.

CONTACT:   Bill Chen, PhD  |  |  412-383-4416

Acute Lung Injury Center of Excellence

The Acute Lung Injury Center of Excellence is focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms of lung injury and repair, and integrating findings in basic biology with clinical medicine.  The program utilizes advanced tools in molecular, biochemical, and clinical investigations. Our research encompasses multiple disciplines including basic, translational, and clinical sciences and joins faculty with diverse expertise in lung biology, immunology, microbiology, molecular genetics, chemistry, computational biology, infectious diseases, pulmonary and critical care medicine to provide broad opportunities in training, education, and research.

CONTACT:   Bill Chen, PhD  |  |  412-383-4416  |  More Information  |  Director: Janet S. Lee, MD